Our Human Touch

Professional, compassionate service for every patient, every time. 

Our Human Touch

Professional, compassionate service for every patient, every time. 

At HealthXL®, we realize the engine that makes virtual care truly go is people – starting with the clinical professionals
who check in on patients, keeping them upbeat, engaged and more likely to stick to their provider’s plan of care in
between office visits. Without this guidance and encouragement, patients may neglect their care, become isolated
and experience accelerated decline.

That’s why our top priority as an organization is attracting and retaining the best talent available. Building and
maintaining remote care relationships with our patients is at the core of our values, and simply doesn’t happen
without great people.

Our Care Team is comprised of several key roles. We have Care Coordinators, who cultivate patient relationships
on a monthly basis; Enrollment Specialists, who educate patients about the benefits of our services; Contact
Specialists, who periodically check in on hard to reach patients to ensure they’re getting the most out of our services;
Setup Specialists, who help patients as needed with devices, and many more.

Are you interested in becoming part of A Better Way To Care?

What A Better Way to Care Means to Us

HealthXL® is always looking for dedicated, empathetic clinical and non-clinical team members to perform patient-facing roles in our Chronic Care Management (CCM) and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) programs. We interact with patients monthly to ensure they’re following their providers’ specific treatment plan. Some key considerations to our patient-centered approach:

  • Every patient has unique needs, and a unique story. There’s no substitute for human interaction to keep patients engaged and motivated
  • Each patient is assigned one Care Coordinator, ensuring consistency and keeping things simple

  • Care Coordinators consider external factors that could influence patient wellness

  • Patients respond to encouragement and respect much more positively than rote directions

  • Driven by our proprietary platform, patient interaction is very structured, so Care Coordinators know exactly what is expected (and required by insurers such as Medicare)

  • Our Care Coordinators specialize in either CCM or RPM, because the service requirements for each are unique

For us, A Better Way To Care isn’t just a catchphrase: it’s a way of expressing our dedication to patients and providers, as well as a standard we each strive to uphold on a daily basis. Our Care Teams do the same, relying on technology, teamwork and compassion as the backbone of our services.

The iCare Difference

“iCare” is the name of our proprietary software – iCare by HealthXL®, to be exact – but it’s also an acronym that conveys our core values as an organization:

Individually and collectively doing what we say we will do, when we say we will do it
Continuous learning and improvement
Aspiring to be the best at everything we do
Respecting all persons, in all situations, at all times
Embracing change and new ideas

These principles set a course for the company in general, but are especially critical for our team members, who exemplify the difference a partnership with HealthXL® makes.

Benefits of Working in Virtual Care Services

Reduce ED admissions and hospital readmission rates

Flexibility of a remote workplace, securely established in your home

Preventive care causes a decrease in disease progression and premature deaths

Being part of a proven team with guidance and leadership from mentors

Peace of mind and reduced stress for patients with complex medical conditions

Relationships with patients who lean on empathetic clinical professionals

Reduced pressure on the practice in terms of phone calls, follow-up and access

Interaction with established practices in various specialties

Chronic Care Management for Healthcare Systems

Engagement in an expanding part of the healthcare industry

Why Is HealthXL® the Right Choice for Your Career?

The dedication of our team members is a key differentiator for HealthXL®. Consistent engagement with patients is critical to the success of remote care, and we focus on building valued relationships. At HealthXL® you can expect:


HealthXL® monitors the employment market to stay abreast of trends and offers an excellent pay scale as well as full health benefits for full-time employees.


It’s hard to beat working from your home – the commute is amazing! All patient contact is non-face-to-face, and all you need is wi-fi to be fully connected.


Our Care Coordinators see their work as a labor of love, and they invariably cite improvement in their patients’ health and outlook as the most gratifying part of their job.


No one knows virtual care quite like HealthXL® and putting our employees in a position to succeed – and help their patients – will always be our first priority.


Remote care proved its importance during the pandemic, and its use is only increasing because everyone benefits! Patients – and providers – are increasingly seeing the value of this service.


Patient-facing care, no matter the logistical set-up, is hard work. Whenever you encounter a unique or trying situation, at HealthXL® you always have peers and others to help see you through.


Those who contribute full-time throughout the year are rewarded with generous time off and paid holidays.


As you’ll see below, our team members have found that when faced with balancing work and life, HealthXL® allows the flexibility for you to excel at both.

In Their Own Words

Our team members deal with a variety of situations while tending to their patients – and their own life circumstances. Here are a few of their stories:


“While making calls for the Contact Team (which specializes in patient outreach), I came across a difficult situation. My patient raised some health concerns to start, so I tried to dig deep to document thorough notes for the provider. I stayed positive and empathetic throughout the call and encouraged the patient to reach out to her doctor. She declined, but eventually felt comfortable enough with me that she actually expressed some depressive and suicidal feelings. I wanted to be there for the patient, who’s getting better!” – Mandy, Contact Specialist


“I want to start out by saying how blessed I am to be a part of this HealthXL® team. I have never worked for a company that has been so supportive, where I feel like my work/life balance is really balanced. In the past, I remember days when I would stress about how I was going to be able to make certain family events or appointments due to work schedules.

“Now, I don’t worry at all because HealthXL® has been amazing with supporting me so I can adjust to be able to work and still make my obligations. HealthXL® is my extended family. Everyone is always there to listen and support whenever needed.” – Ashley, CCM Care Coordinator


“I connected with a patient and noticed he just did not sound like his normal self, which, after numerous questions, I was able to attribute to respiratory distress, which he seemed a bit reluctant to disclose. I then warm transferred him to his doctor’s office, which instructed him to go to the Emergency Department immediately where he was admitted with multiple health problems. Thank goodness! With some teamwork, persistence and attention to detail, we may very possibly saved the patient’s life.” – Leka, RPM Care Coordinator


“I basically had to read between the lines to address issues that my patient reported. When he complained of ongoing shortness of breath, I asked for his level of oxygen and assessed how effective it was for him. And when I asked if he was taking his medications as prescribed, he stated he was no longer taking Eliquis due to the cost. I found out when he stopped the medication, if the doctor was aware, and who prescribed it.

“I emphasized the importance of taking the medication as prescribed, then attempted a warm transfer to the office, who eventually reached the patient and is now assisting with the financial burden of the medication. Keeping documentation of our interactions made it so much easier to provide guidance to my patient.” – Hope, CCM Care Coordinator

If you think you’re a good fit for HealthXL®, please view our openings and let us know!

Chronic Care Management Services for Healthcare Systems

Integration With Existing EMRs

Our Virtual Care Services work side by side with your EMR software. Seamless workflow integration means not having to learn another technology or invest in new methodology. Simply access care and treatment plans dynamically through your existing EMR.

We currently work with these EMR platforms and are always expanding: