Generate additional revenue streams by outsourcing CCM and RPM program management to a trusted provider like HealthXL.  

Is your healthcare practice struggling to remain independent? If so, you’re not alone. A recent study commissioned by Physicians Advocacy Institute found that 60% of medical practices are now owned by corporations. Concerns about deteriorating patient care and physician burnout in these scenarios has captured the attention of the Biden administration, and the Department of Justice is currently investigating.

In the middle of this healthcare landscape, many independent practices are struggling to remain profitable. It’s tempting to sell out to an investor, but that usually results in less control over patient care and decision-making.

Boost the Profitability of Your Practice

The CMS reimbursement program for chronic care management (CCM) and remote patient monitoring (RPM) services offers healthcare practices a way to generate additional income by getting paid for services they already provide to their chronically ill patients. However, creating and running a profitable program is more complicated and time-consuming than it may initially seem. Many programs never get off the ground at all, and those that do often struggle to generate consistent income.

Given the day-to-day busyness of most healthcare practices, it’s difficult to manage consistent, high quality, compliant CCM and RPM programs that also generate profit. That’s why outsourcing is often the best solution.

At HealthXL, we deliver end-to-end program management with white-glove service and a proven track record of profitability and consistent, empathetic patient care.

Here’s how we do it:

1. Patient Pre-qualification

We start by accessing your EMR and developing an initial list of eligible patients. Upon your approval, we conduct the detailed and time-consuming process of confirming patient eligibility based on their insurance coverage.

2. Patient Enrollment

Those patient who meet all eligibility criteria receive a phone call from our enrollment team. Our team is determined and persistent in contacting each patient, educating them on program benefits and communicating that their provider believes they would significantly benefit from participation. Our well-trained enrollment specialists address a myriad of patient questions and concerns. Only after receiving a patient’s consent do we move forward with service.

3. Patient Onboarding

CCM patients are assigned to a care coordinator as soon as possible to begin monthly service. Patients speak with the same care coordinator each month, allowing us to build trust and maintain continuity of care. For patients enrolled in RPM, service begins after we procure and ship their devices, contact them by phone to train on usage and even help them take their first reading.

4. CCM and RPM Services

Care coordinators deliver 20 minutes of quality clinical service and a connected phone call for every patient every month. We also encourage RPM patients to take their vitals consistently. Throughout the month, our managers monitor progress to make sure we’re on track. Patient care is always our highest priority, and we handle every patient interaction with expertise, professionalism, and empathy.

5. Quality Assurance

We never leave service quality or compliance to chance. Monthly internal quality assurance and annual external compliance reviews ensure that our work is consistent, thorough, secure, and of the highest quality.

6. Billing

Upon completion of services each month, we provide detailed patient Medicare billing data to our clients. If desired, we input the billing for clients as well.

And then…we start again. Every month we strive to provide the same great service for every patient and every client.

HealthXL: Your Partner for CCM and RPM Program Management

In our view, chronic care management and remote patient monitoring combine to provide the best care for chronically ill patients based on their individual needs. When managed effectively, these programs generate new profitable revenue streams, at times contributing to a practice’s ability to remain independent.

With HealthXL, you can be confident in receiving the best in patient care, compliant processes, and quality service for every task, every time. Our clients rely on us when they don’t have the resources, technology, people, or infrastructure to do it on their own. They find they can count on us to deliver exceptional service that puts patients first.

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