It’s understandable to focus on the care element of virtual care, proactively staying in touch with patients so we can consistently assess their overall wellness. The diligence required is one critical type of compliance that makes the entire remote care business work.

But another, equally important, form of compliance deals with our adhering to HIPAA regulations. Safeguarding sensitive patient data is our highest priority, both in the design and utilization of our proprietary software platform, iCare by HealthXL, and in how we conduct daily operations. Patients and providers need to know we’re doing everything in our power to keep their personal health information secure.

Our efforts are achieving the desired results. For the fourth consecutive year, HITECH Associates, an independent HIPAA Risk Management and Cybersecurity company, awarded HealthXL an A+ rating on its rigorous audit of our compliance systems and processes.

To use HITECH’s words, the purpose of the annual inspection is to “implement a meaningful HIPAA compliance and cybersecurity program that follows the requirements of HIPAA, the Omnibus Rule, Breach Notifications Requirements and other State and Federal regulations.”

That’s a seriously high standard, and once again we measured up to it.

We love to talk about the various ways we differentiate ourselves in the remote care industry – empathetic, thorough care coordination, robust patient enrollment, and even billing assistance for practices if requested – but nothing is more important than data security, both to regulatory authorities and, obviously, the patients themselves. That’s why the results of these audits matter, and why our consistent dedication to compliance (of all kinds) makes us the clear choice for remote patient care regardless of a provider’s size, scope or specialization.

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