End-to-End CCM and RPM Service

How We Work With You

End-to-End CCM and RPM Service

How We Work With You

The Essentials of Virtual Care

Making Chronic Care Management or Remote Patient Monitoring a reality for your practice is simple and straightforward. That’s not a coincidence: Medicare created these programs expressly to make quality care more accessible to all patients, and to lighten the workload of often-overburdened providers. Just as importantly, many private insurers qualify for Virtual Care Services reimbursement as well.

This approach means fewer in-person visits to your facility for the basics, such as checking vitals and evaluating mental disposition, measuring adherence with directives and refilling prescriptions, and, ultimately, leads to improved patient outcomes.

But a reliable third party is critical for your program to reach its potential, and HealthXL® has excelled in facilitating virtual care from the beginning. Simply starting up a program isn’t nearly enough: patients need to know about it, and how it can benefit them. Practices rarely have the time or resources to spend trying to enroll patients (who are often resistant to new things in the first place), and if they can’t count on a virtual care partner to aid in that critical process, their program is likely destined to fail.

Our approach to partnering is very different.

To start, we search your EMR to find those patients likely to be a good fit for RPM/CCM, verify their eligibility, and begin the enrollment process by reaching out to them. Our Enrollment Specialists handle all of this – not your staff.

Those patients who elect to enroll are then assigned a Care Coordinator, who sticks with them throughout their participation in virtual care. These care professionals stay in regular contact, building relationships with your patients and ensuring they adhere to your directives.

It’s worth noting that our Care Coordinators specialize in either RPM or CCM – not both. The skill sets involved for each program are very different, and we’ve always felt it makes more sense for our care professionals to be able to focus on one discipline. We also believe that this level of specialization shows in the level of quality attention they’re able to provide to even a large patient population.

We keep you in the loop, too, simplifying the billing process (a common concern of providers), auditing our own internal processes and listening to your feedback. We also conduct regular quarterly meetings with you to evaluate your program’s progress, compliance and profitability.

In short, you provide us access to your EMR, run your practice as usual, and bill the appropriate payer (Medicare or a private insurer) monthly. We do the rest – every bit of it. You gain an additional revenue stream, while your enrolled patients enjoy fewer in-person appointments, better engagement with the practice, and a much higher likelihood of adhering to your treatment plans. It’s really that simple.

Your practice’s needs – just like your patients’ – are always changing, and HealthXL® is with you every step of the way. Truly A Better Way To Care.

Medicare created CPT codes to categorize the types of services that providers can offer to patients for a variety of virtual care programs. HealthXL® offers servicing for both Chronic Care Management (CCM) and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM).

The CPT codes simplify the monthly billing process that triggers reimbursement for providers, specifying the service(s) provided for each patient in that time period. The codes apply to private insurers as well, not just CMS itself.

Virtual care programs have been a gamechanger for patients and providers alike. And they offer clinicians more than just an additional revenue stream: they free up office staff and lower administrative costs, and allow more on-site appointments to be dedicated to more complex procedures.

For patients, they help alleviate transportation issues in between office visits and improve temperament and engagement in ongoing treatments, which typically lowers hospital readmission rates.

Want to know more about Virtual Care Services and what sets HealthXL® apart in this burgeoning industry? Drop us a line here and we’ll get in touch.

Chronic Care Management Services for Healthcare Systems

Integration With Existing EMR Workflow

Our workflows integrate seamlessly with your EMR software. That means no new technologies or processes to frustrate your staff. Care and treatment plans are accessible 24/7 via your EMR.

Our always-expanding EMR expertise includes: